Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE)

For the recovery of your used agricultural plastics

Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) is our solution for the environmental recovery and recycling of your used plastics from agriculture. Discover more about the system, suitable plastics and sustainable disposal.

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Examples of agricultural plastics

Group 1

  • Silage sheets
  • Underlayer films
  • Silo tubes

Group 2

  • Silage stretch film
  • Net replacement films

Group 3

  • Round bale nets

A unique recovery concept

Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) is a recovery concept for crop plastics. The necessity for this concept arises from the massive use of silage stretch film, silage sheets, underlayer films and other plastics products in the agricultural sector. This is because: in particular in such a nature-orientated branch, these films may not pollute the environment after use, and must be introduced into the closed loop recycling management.

For a sustainable agricultural economy which is gentle on resources, members of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (Industrial Association for Plastic Packaging) e. V.  have, together with RIGK, taken the initiative for environmental protection, and have called the Crop Plastics Recycling Germany system into being.

Which packaging is returnable?

At the Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) collection points, silage sheets, underlayer films, silo tubes, silage stretch film and net replacement films can be handed in free of charge.

Please contact the RIGK Team directly for the return of crop forcing films, fibrous webs and yarns, which up to now took place via FOLIO and NETTI.

How does the return work?

The crop plastics which are returned via Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) are divided into two groups (see above) and have to be collected and handed in separately accordingly. Films have to be swept clean and free of coarse dirt, and no foreign materials (e.g. iron, wood or tyres) may be in which them. On hand-in, it doesn’t matter where the product was purchased or which brand you use. The criteria are checked on hand-on by our trained personnel.

Sustainable recycling

The ERDE system is a simple solution for the reliable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable disposal of agricultural plastics. The collected plastics are crushed, washed and melted to regrind during material recycling , and then used for the production of very different plastic products. Through the successful collaboration between producers and farmers, the recyclable material cycle can be closed, resources preserved and the environment protected.  

Good to know

You can obtain all collection points and information on the  Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) website – or simply via your Smartphone with the free ERDE-App!

Please contact the RIKG Team directly regarding the return of crop forcing films, fibrous webs and yarns, which took place up until now through FOLIO and NETTI.

Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your RIGK contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.

Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) recycling
Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE) recycling