For the cost-effective recovery of your empty used packaging for non-hazardous substances.

As a commercial, industrial or agricultural final consumer, simply hand in your used packaging for non-hazardous substances via the RIGK-SYSTEM at one of our collection points – free of charge and nationwide! Here you can find out everything about suitable types of packaging and uncomplicated return.

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Examples of packaging types


  • Plastic sacks*
  • Sack linings for solids
  • Stretch and shrink films

Flexible pouring containers

  • Flexible IBCs (Big Bags)
  • fabric sacks

Rigid packaging

  • Bottles
  • Buckets
  • Canisters
  • Barrels

Combined packaging (> 50 % plastic)
Cardboard boxes/Octabins
Fiber drums
Wooden pallets 

Uncomplicated return

All packaging marked with the RIGK Trademark and completely empty can be returned to one of our nationwide RIGK collection points free of charge.

Find out where the next collection point for your region is located, and how the return can be organised smoothly and quickly via email at dispo@rigk.de.

Which packaging is returnable?

Using the RIGK-SYSTEM, we will take back certain packaging for non-hazardous substances. The packaged products may not be classified according to the Hazardous Substances Law or the European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, or acc. GHS. The packaging may not bear any hazard symbols.

How does the return work?

This means packaging for liquid products must be “drip-free“ for liquid substances, “trickle-free“ for solid substances, and “spatula-clean“ for viscous, paste-like, sticky or similar substances; Furthermore, they must be free of foreign objects which are not part of the packaging such as paper, cardboard, wood, adhesive tapes, different types of plastic, metals or similar. Packaging which has contained strong-smelling products must be pre-treated.

In addition, we must document every delivery in the RIGK-SYSTEM with an acceptance note, which you complete in advance and must label with your company stamp and the trademark user number under the RIGK trademark on your packaging. You will then receive a receipt from your collection point.

Please find the exact specifications for your packaging return in the PDF with our summary for final consumers.

Sustainability through material recycling

By returning your packaging via the RIGK-SYSTEM, you are acting in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner: After recovery, the packaging is recycled dependent on the degree of contamination and the sorting purity. During material recycling, the clean and sorted packaging is crushed, cleaned and finally melted down to form new plastic products. Their chemical structure is retained during the mechanical renovation. Regrinds are generated, from which new plastic products are created in injection or blow moulding procedures – and the recycling circle is closed!  

*Product groups for plastic sacks
Group 1: Inorganic compounds, alkaline reaction
Group 2: Inorganic compounds, acidic reaction
Group 3: Inorganic compounds, inert
Group 4: Organic compounds which react with each other
Group 5: Organic polymer compounds
Group 6: PVC Group 7: Soot
Group 8: Paint pigments
Group S: Feed and fodder, peat and earth, wood flour etc.

It is essential that you observe the following:

The RIGK-SYSTEM must not be confused with the RIGK-G(hazardous substance)-SYSTEM for packaging for hazardous substances. It is essential that these systems are handled separately from one other! 

Further information for download

Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.