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24. June 2016

Exporting 20 Years of Experience!

‘We are exporting 20 years of experience’ – in accordance with this slogan RIGK is active in several countries around the world. At the trade fair, RIGK is presenting its new subsidiary: RIGK Chile SpA, founded in October 2015. RIGK is not restricting itself to the German market when it comes to ‘recovery and recycling’ and has been a popular consultant and service partner globally since the beginning of 2000.

RIGK opened its new branch in Santiago de Chile in October 2015. The law concerning expanded product responsibility came into effect in the Andean nation of Chile in April 2016 and is heavily based on European role models in Spain and Germany; so RIGK’s knowledge was in demand in this South American country. “The aim is to pass on our many years of experience and the expertise that we have gathered in Europe to associated industries in Chile in order to achieve efficient end-of-life management of plastics”, says Jan Bauer, Managing Director of RIGK Chile SpA.

RIGK Chile is involved in local consultancy projects regarding the preparation and implementation of the law in cooperation with the partner Kalmer Ltda, which specialises in business initiation, including with Chile. The specific focus is on the introduction of recycling systems. It is also accompanying pilot projects in known areas of business, namely the collection and recycling of plastics from industry and trade. The Chilean project manager Nesko Kuzmicic explained how the work of the latest RIGK subsidiary was progressing: “We have started our activities in the right place at the right time and we look forward to bringing RIGK’s knowledge to the local market and being able to adapt it to Chile”.

RIGK has been offering its services and knowledge on the Eastern European market since 2008 with RIGK Romania (RIGK S.R.L.). The SCAPA-SYSTEM, which is operated by RIGK Romania in cooperation with the Romanian Association for the Agricultural Pesticide Product Industry AIPROM, is a system to recover plastic, metal and paper packaging. Since its introduction, SCAPA has developed into an established system in Romania and is now a well-known brand among farmers.

RIGK S.R.L. carries out the recovery and recycling at semi-annual campaigns at approximately 60 collection points. Services in the areas of administration, acceptance control, logistics and recycling are offered for this purpose.

RIGK in Romania has proven itself a strong partner in a fast-growing market. RIGK collected a total of 80 tonnes of agricultural pesticide packaging in SCAPA’s year of establishment - almost 7% of the quantity that was brought onto the market by the SCAPA participants. In 2010, the recovery already reached 560 tonnes – almost 52% of the market volume. Despite an increase of 15-20% in the quantity of packaging brought onto the market by manufacturers in 2011 we even managed to slightly exceed the target recovery result of 50% with 625 tonnes. We also succeeded in holding a recovery rate of at least 50% of the market volume in the following years. The objective for the future is to fulfil the recovery and recycling quota despite increased statutory requirements. RIGK is seeing a rising tendency in its business in a constantly growing national market. Targeted investments and our expertise of many years mean that RIGK is in an excellent position to offer further services for the collection and recycling of waste in trade and industry.

SCAPA Development 2008-2015

RIGK is also in demand as a partner for consultancy and projects: in a consultancy project for ‘Clean Farms’ in Canada in 2011, RIGK supported the Canadian recovery system in the optimisation of business activities and the expansion of business fields. ‘Clean Farms’ has now succeeded in growing and diversifying. RIGK accompanied a pilot project for the collection of used packaging and the recycling of these materials in Voronezh, Russia, between 2012 and 2015. In the three years of the pilot project a total of 400 tonnes of packaging materials were collected and processed to granules. We have also carried out joint projects with the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Morocco and China.

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