09. August 2018

The New German Packaging Act (VerpackG)

Do you market packaging explicitly to German industrial and commercial endusers according to Article §7 of the Packaging Ordinance or according to §8 or additionally to private households resp. comparable users (e.g. restaurants, hotels, service areas, canteens, administrations, barracks, hospitals, educational institutions, charitable institutions, branches of freelancers, typical sources of cultural events such as cinemas, operas and museums, as well as recreational areas such as tourist resorts, amusement parks and sports stadiums. Comparable collection points are also agricultural enterprises and craft enterprises, whose packaging waste can be disposed of by household standard collection vessels for paper, cardboard and cardboard as well as plastic, metal and composite packaging, but with a maximum of a 1,100-liter-bins per collection group, in the usual household discharge rhythm.)? Then the manual of the Central Agency will give you information about your registration obligations.

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If you only supply B2B customers, nothing will change for you. By participating in the RIGK systems, you are still in compliance with the law.

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