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01. June 2023

RIGK and WELGER - cooperation in plastics recycling

In a wide variety of business areas, considerable amounts of used plastic and transport packaging often accumulate as waste in a short time, such as e.g. films and Big Bags. These are voluminous and can only be stored in compacted form and later transported for recycling. Fast and efficient compaction of this high-quality "area plastic waste" directly at the point of generation is a key objective here.

Some companies that generate highly recyclable plastic packaging have little space on their premises to store it and collect it in sufficiently large quantities. In addition to using press containers and small presses, using a roll compactor from the manufacturer Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH, or WELGER for short, is a simple option for compacting the voluminous flat waste.  

The WELGER Roll Compactor enables the controlled compaction of materials into compact bales.

As part of the collection of packaging materials, RIGK organizes various collection and take-back systems in which the "area plastic waste" also represents a high-quality raw material for recyclate products. This must be compacted for transport to achieve meaningful transport units.  

Together with the manufacturer of decentralized compaction technology - Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH - RIGK offers interested customers the additional service of using a Roll Compactor and taking over the "collected raw material ". Here, there are many individual approaches which, when including all parties involved, lead to the goal of a reproducible material flow for the recycling partners. Especially when two or more different fractions of used plastic and transport packaging accumulate, compacting them into cylindrical bales and providing them separately on one pallet, each offers the solution. Several pallets of different types of waste can be collected from the accumulation point simultaneously and compiled in RIGK's marketing concept. This means that used films and Big Bags can be delivered specifically to the respective recycling partner.  

Thus, due to the assignment of qualities, the origin of the used films and Big Bags is also reproducible for the recycling partner, especially concerning the formerly packaged goods. 

Due to the decentralized collection and the separate compression of, e.g. films and Big Bags after use, the significant advantage is that this packaging is collected sorted and clean and can therefore be recycled better. WELGER’s compact and mobile roll compactors guarantee a sorted collection and targeted compaction at the customer's site.  

Grade purity is a crucial criterion for recyclers who can only use certain defined material qualities to produce high-quality recyclates. RIGK has been working with many different recycling partners for years and thus knows their requirements profile and can supply the materials even more specifically with this roll material. This way, the recyclable material cycle is "rounded off" and seamlessly closed. A living circular economy that works best through the cooperation of various industry participants.  


Further information:   

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