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24. April 2024

Chile's journey towards a circular economy: RIGK supports the implementation of the ProREP take-back system

Chile has taken a significant step towards promoting recycling and reuse with the Circular Economy Law, known as "Ley REP." This law, which introduces extended producer responsibility, aims to increase recycling rates in the country, which are currently low.

Das "Ley REP" producers are responsible for the take-back, collection, and recycling of their products. It covers various product categories such as packaging, oils, electrical appliances, and batteries. The implementation is being carried out gradually, with recycling targets being raised annually.

In this context, RIGK has played a central role in the development of the ProREP take-back system, specifically designed for the collection and recycling of industrial packaging in Chile. RIGK has been involved in building and advising on the system, which officially launched in April 2023 and already brings together over 450 manufacturers and distributors of commercial and industrial packaging.

A group photo taken during the "Ley REP, Reciclaje en Chile" – "Recycling in Chile" event. Pictured are the Chilean Minister of the Environment, the CEO and board members of ProREP, the Environmental Officer of Bio Bio, the RIGK team, and representatives of the National Association of Base Recyclers. © ProREP

The introduction of the "Ley REP" and RIGK's active involvement in the ProREP system illustrate how international collaboration and expertise can contribute to promoting the circular economy and improving recycling infrastructure in countries like Chile.

For a detailed analysis of the "Ley REP" and Chile's progress towards a circular economy, we recommend reading a comprehensive article by the Foreign Trade and Investment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (Germany Trade & Invest - GTAI), in which RIGK participated: Chile will mit neuem Gesetz Kreislaufwirtschaft etablieren | Branchen | Chile | Abfallentsorgung, Recycling (

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