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21. November 2023

RIGK Closes Recycling Loop for Plastics: Acquisition of Hannawald Plastik GmbH

Wiesbaden, November 2023 - RIGK GmbH has successfully completed the acquisition of Hannawald Plastik GmbH, located in Bingen am Rhein. Previously, this company specialized in the sorting and refining of packaging materials made of PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) and had been a proven waste disposal service provider for RIGK over many years. With this move, RIGK reinforces its ongoing commitment to sustainable plastics circulation and resource conservation.

With the acquisition of Hannawald and the impending retirement of Albrecht Keiper, who co-founded and significantly shaped the company, and had been leading it together with Harald Sauer, a reorganization of the management level is taking place. As of now, Harald Sauer, a member of Hannawald's management since 2012, and Jan Bauer, General Manager of RIGK, jointly lead the company. RIGK expresses its gratitude to Mr. Keiper for his valuable contribution to the successful development of Hannawald Plastik GmbH and wishes him all the best in retirement.

Jan Bauer and Harald Sauer, the new management of Hannawald Plastik GmbH, on-site at the company's premises in Bingen am Rhein. © RIGK

In 2023, RIGK had already established the PlastCert department, specializing in the certification of recyclability, recycled content, and recycling processes, as well as the inspection of plastic recyclates with individual consulting. In addition to the establishment of plastship, a subsidiary founded in 2018 as a digital marketplace for plastic recyclates, RIGK now enhances its involvement in all phases of the recycling loop with the acquisition of Hannawald Plastik GmbH.

The presence throughout the entire value chain of plastics recycling, from packaging licensing to the collection and recycling of raw materials to the trade of recyclates, is another step towards a more circular economy.

Regarding this, Bauer stated, "With Hannawald's expertise and extensive experience in processing packaging materials, we enhance the quality of the raw materials taken back by RIGK and directed into recycling. The collaboration allows our recycling partners to produce customized recyclates, tailoring sorted and refined raw materials to the specific requirements of end products from the outset. This promotes an efficient recycling process and ensures high-quality end applications."

For more information about Hannawald Plastik GmbH, please visit here.

About Hannawald:

Since 1984, Hannawald Plastik GmbH has specialized in the recycling of PE and PP packaging materials, particularly the sorting of commercial films. The company also trades in recycled plastics and accepts bales and loose materials at its warehouse in Bingen am Rhein. In 2023, the company was acquired by RIGK GmbH and, together with it, advocates for sustainable solutions in the plastics sector.

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General Manager Hannawald Plastik GmbH
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Jan Bauer
General Manager RIGK GmbH / Hannawald Plastik GmbH
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