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06. May 2024

EU Parliament Adopts PPWR: Significant Progress in Packaging Recycling

On April 24, 2024, the EU Parliament adopted the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). This regulation marks a significant legislative step towards improving the handling of packaging and packaging waste in the European Union. It aims to reduce the amount of packaging waste, promote the reuse and recycling of packaging, and strengthen the circular economy. The development of the PPWR was the result of a multi-year process. After intense negotiations in a trilogue, a provisional agreement was reached in February/March 2024. At the end of March 2024, the COREPER and the ENVI Committee approved the provisional version. Finally, on April 24, 2024, the EU Parliament voted on the English version to adopt the PPWR with a majority of 476 "yes" votes to 129 "no" votes, with 24 abstentions.

Which key contents does the PPWR offer?

The PPWR encompasses a variety of significant commitments relevant to all stakeholders within the value chain:

Präsentation der konkreten Pflichten in ihren jeweiligen Kategorien und zeitlichen Rahmenbedingungen, die sich aus der PPWR ergeben.

In the realm of reuse quotas for industrial packaging, the EU Commission has announced intentions to make subsequent adjustments via delegated acts. The PPWR will drive investments in plastic recycling, necessitating adjustments to national frameworks. The regulation underscores the need to rethink packaging design to enhance recyclability and increase the use of recyclates.

Recyclable packaging, segregated collection, more effective recycling

Jan Bauer, Managing Director of RIGK, looks positively upon the regulation's adoption: "The PPWR presents us with new challenges, yet it also opens up a wide array of new opportunities. Systematic and segregated collection of plastic packaging is now more important than ever to meet the ambitious recyclate usage quotas. At RIGK, we are committed to providing tailored collection systems to the industry to meet these requirements together with our customers."

Similarly, Andreas Bastian, Managing Director of RIGK subsidiary plastship GmbH, sees the decision as a call to action: "The PPWR emphasizes the importance of an efficient circular economy. At plastship, we advocate for promoting recyclate usage and offer comprehensive solutions for the supply of high-quality recyclates through collaboration with our partners and the corporate group."

Translation and legal linguistic examination are scheduled for the coming months from April to June 2024. The corrigendum process will require approval from the ENVI Committee and the (new) EU Parliament in autumn 2024. The final version is also expected to be adopted by the European Council in autumn, followed by the planned final publication. The effectiveness of the PPWR will be definitive after a period of 18 months. However, a total of 18 Secondary Legislation Acts are still planned to be adopted by the European Commission. Both RIGK and plastship will continue to actively promote the implementation of PPWR goals and keep their customers and partners informed about the latest developments.

Further information:

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