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21. March 2023

The ERDE Initiative is participating in the “Waste Separation Works” campaign

Separate collection of crop plastics at ERDE collection points throughout Germany. © ERDE

Bad Homburg, March 2023 - The ERDE Initiative is cooperating with the “Mülltrennung wirkt” (Waste Separation Works) campaign, which is a an initiative of the dual systems for packaging  that promotes better waste separation and waste prevention in Germany. The campaign aims to raise awareness among the population regarding correct collection and sorting behaviour and thus contribute to environmental protection. Correct waste separation can facilitate the recycling of waste and thus improve recycling output and conserve resources. It is particularly important to properly sort packaging that is collected either via the yellow bin / yellow sack collection containers or via glass and paper containers to ensure that their valuable raw materials are kept in the cycle.

The ERDE Initiative is participating in this campaign in order to draw attention to the environmentally friendly takeback of agricultural plastics. This is because unlike household packaging, used crop plastics cannot be dropped off of via the dual systems. They disrupt sorting processes here and prevent recycling. ERDE offers a nationwide recovery and recycling infrastructure for this purpose. The used agricultural plastics are collected via a network of collection points or by direct collection, and are then professionally recycled.

“We are pleased to be working with the ‘Waste Separation Works’ campaign to raise awareness of the environmentally friendly return and recovery of used agricultural plastics”, says Boris Emmel, System Manager ERDE. “Correct separation is important for the environment and subsequent recycling steps. We cooperate closely with the agricultural sector, which has shown a high degree of willingness to separate collections and returns in the past.”

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