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12. March 2024

Launch of RIGK Take-Back Systems in the Agricultural Sector for the 2024 Collection Period: Current Updates

While agricultural businesses are currently gearing up for the upcoming harvest and preparing their fields, the RIGK take-back systems have already swung into action to collect used agricultural plastics in 2024. The initiative ERDE kicked off the collection of used crop plastics at the end of February, while the VerenA take-back system for agricultural Big Bags used for non-hazardous substances has also been active. Although the peak collection period for these two systems begins in May, the PAMIRA®-SYSTEM chas already commenced the collection of plant protection products and liquid fertilizer packaging as early as mid-March, as well as completing the special collection week for used pheromone dispensers. However, the peak season also begins at the end of May. While agricultural businesses could already drop off of empty seed treatment packaging safely and sustainably through the PAMIRA® SEED TREATMENT-SYSTEM at the beginning of March, preparations are in full swing for the PRE-SYSTEM which will commence its collection in November for the safe return and removal of chemicals from agriculture.

Following a successful year in 2023, which was marked by anniversaries and achievements, ambitions remain high for RIGK's agricultural systems in 2024:
  • After the celebratory 10th anniversary and the fulfillment of the voluntary commitment last year, which was commemorated at Agritechnica, the initiative ERDE has not diminished its ambitions. A new voluntary commitment has been adopted for 2024: By 2026, over 60% of all asparagus films distributed in Germany are to be collected and recycled, and by 2027, over 75% of all silo and stretch films are to be recycled. Concrete collection targets have also been set for other agricultural plastics such as nets, yarns, and fleeces, and pilot projects are underway to test and promote the integration of additional fractions such as drip tubes, greenhouse films, and protective nets into the recycling loop. ERDE Recycling will have over 500 collection points and more than 120 collection partners available in 2024.
  • The PAMIRA®-SYSTEM successfully responded to the introduction of the "easyconnect" system, which enables contactless application of plant protection products. The closure of such containers no longer needs to be unscrewed upon return; only the inner lid of the "easyconnect" system needs to be pushed in. With increasing adoption by manufacturers, the return of these packages at PAMIRA collection points is steadily increasing. Additionally, four more of the total seven press containers were successfully introduced last year to further reduce logistical effort in organizing collection points and reduce CO2 emissions, with the introduction of three more planned for 2024. Despite an already impressive recycling rate of 95% in 2022, PAMIRA also aims for an increase in 2024. The return rate of pheromone dispensers within the PAMIRA®-SYSTEM was raised to 45.33% in 2023 and is set to be further expanded in the upcoming collection period. This will provide a total of 422 collection points in 2024, with 551 dates available for the year.
  • The VerenA-SYSTEM had a successful start in its first year and has ambitious goals for 2024: There will already be over 220 collection points for agricultural end consumers at cooperatives, agricultural traders, and waste management companies.

RIGK welcomes these developments as evidence of the growing demand for sustainable return and recycling of packaging and plastics in the agricultural sector. The company thanks all participants for their contribution and support of the systems and hopes for continued dedicated participation during the current collection period to collectively take another significant step towards a sustainable circular economy.

® = Registered trademark of Industrieverband Agrar e. V. (IVA)


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