Tractor with spraying device drives over an apparently endless field full of green plants
Disposal examples

Plant protection products

Which are unusable (approval expired, use-by deadline expired, other reasons such as frost etc.) or the use of which is prohibited in Germany

Chemicals from the field of agriculture

  • Cleaning agents
  • Oils
  • Fertilisers
  • Paints

Spraying device filters and spray nozzles

Dressed seeds rendered unusable

Reliable disposal of chemicals for Germany

Through our PRE-SYSTEM, final consumers from the agricultural sector can reliably dispose of unusable plant protection products and other chemicals on defined dates at national collection points.

The objective: to reduce potential risks through improper storage, application and disposal of plant protection products in agriculture and trade, and to guarantee reliable, environmentally friendly disposal.

What products are returnable?

In addition to plant protection products which have been rendered unusable, other chemicals frequently used in agriculture are taken back at the collection points before being reliably disposed of. These include for example cleaning agents, oils, fertilisers, dressed seeds, seed dressings and paint as well as spraying device filters and spray nozzles.   

The costs of disposal are borne by the final consumers themselves.

Efficient environmental protection

The PRE-SYSTEM makes an active contribution towards protection of the environment  – and has been successfully accepted across the whole of Germany! Since 2013, a total of 588 tonnes of unusable plant protection products have been disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner; more than 2.500 deliverers have already made use of the offer.   

The plant protection products and other chemicals are brought by RIGK after acceptance with special waste transporters to the special waste incineration or treatment plants and disposed of there.

An initiative for responsible actions

The PRE-SYSTEM is an initiative of the Industrial Association Agrar e. V. (IVA), the association for producers of plant protection and fertilisers in Germany. Since 2013, the IVA and RIGK have worked together as project officers to permanently establish the return and disposal of unusable plant protection products and other chemicals in Germany. The promoter of the project is the Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH (CWFG), Frankfurt am Main.

® = registered trademark of Industrieverbandes Agrar e.V. (IVA)

You can find all information concerning hand-in on the PRE-SYSTEM website! Further insights into the system are provided by the system manager, Anne Kreins, in our series #RIGKinquired.

Tractor driving at dawn over a green field, spraying plant protection products
Close-up of a plant seedling breaking through the soil

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