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RIGK international

Operating on an Europe-wide scale for the sustainable return of packaging and plastics

The sustainable recovery and recycling of plastics is already practiced over the whole world. This is a development which will continue due to the increasing scarcity of resources.

The services and consulting expertise of RIGK is already valued and in demand far beyond the borders of Germany: RIGK successfully operates a foreign branch in Romania for more than ten years. Furthermore, the ERDE-Erntekunststoffe Reycling Deutschland recovery and recycling system for crop plastics was transferred to Switzerland, in which RIGK assumes the role of system operator.

This is because we clearly view the guaranteeing of valuable resources for coming generations through the sustainable, responsible handling of valuable resources through the recovery of plastics as not just our national task, but also our global task.

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RIGK Romania

Familiarise yourself with our first subsidiary on the Eastern European market within the scope of our international commitments with RIGK Romania (RIGK SRL).

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ERDE Switzerland

Find out how RIGK, as the system operator of ERDE Switzerland, also contributes its experience in agricultural systems internationally.

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