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Here you can receive answers on frequently asked questions on the legal principles concerning the recovery and disposal of plastic packaging:

What does RIGK GmbH do?

For 30 years, RIGK GmbH has operated take-back systems for packaging and plastics from industry and agriculture, thus helping product manufacturers and distributors to meet their extended producers’ responsibility – ERP.

What does the company name RIGK stand for?

The individual letters of the company name – translated from German – mean: Company for recovering industrial and commercial plastics – and it is a German limited company.

Which laws regulate the way packaging is handled in Germany?

The basis for handling packaging on the German market is formed by the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), which has replaced the Packaging Ordinance adopted in 1991. The amendment to the German Packaging act came into force in 2021 (find out more).

What is the extended producers’ responsibility (EPR)?

The EU Packaging Directive requires manufacturers, distributors and importers to take back the packaging for their products and to send it to be properly recycled. Here, material recycling is given a higher priority than energetic recovery.

What are take-back systems?

To avoid every distributor having to organise their own industrial packaging individually, there are take-back systems. These organise the pooled recovery of packaging from the different manufacturers/distributors that participate in the system. Synergy effects are achieved as a result, which can be passed on to the distributors as cost advantages. The aim is also to collect uniform flows of the same materials.

What is the difference between system-liable and non-system-liable packaging?

In a dual system, the following are system-liable: “Selling and secondary packaging filled with goods, which after use typically generate waste for the end consumer.” (Section 3 (8) VerpackG)

Accordingly, system-liable packaging includes selling and secondary packaging, service packaging, and shipping packaging for shipping to a private end consumer. Distributors conclude an agreement with a dual system for this packaging. The dual systems organise recovery from the end consumer via the “yellow sack” or “yellow waste bin”, as well as the subsequent recycling.

Non-system-liable packaging includes transport packaging, returnable packaging, selling packaging containing hazardous substances, selling and secondary packaging incompatible for dual systems, as well as selling and secondary packaging generated in industry and commerce (if these are not private end consumers). This packaging is non-system-liable in a dual system. However, it must be recovered and recycled (Section 15 VerpackG). (find out more)

Which packaging does RIGK offer recovery systems for?

RIGK is your recycling specialist for household plastics in industry, commerce and agriculture. We operate a variety of take-back systems for different types of packaging waste.

Which packaging is LICENSED through the individual recovery systems?

RIGK-SYSTEM: used and empty-used packaging for non-hazardous substances

RIGK-G-SYSTEM: used and empty-used packaging for hazardous substances

RIGK-PICKUP-SYSTEM: used and empty-used packaging for non-hazardous substances as well as hazardous substances (collection system from your customers directly on-site)

PAMIRA-SYSTEM: agricultural crop protection product packaging and liquid fertiliser packaging

PAMIRA-BEIZE: agricultural seed dressing packaging (between 30 and 200 litres)

VerenA: agricultural big bags

Which other wastes does RIGK have a solution for?

Through ERDE Recycling used agricultural plastics (films, nets, yarns and fibrous webs) are taken back.

The PRE-SYSTEM organises the safe recovery of unused crop protection products and other agricultural chemicals.

I export my products abroad. Does RIGK also have a solution for this?

RIGK operates a foreign branch in Romania.

Alexandra Nitu
Managing Director Romania
+49 611 308600-25

There is a sales cooperation agreement in Spain with the SINTAC Recycling Group, whose staff will be pleased to advise you. 

Lucia Olmos
Sales Representative
+34 96 1524659

RIGK will be pleased to advise you with its know-how when meeting your obligations in other countries.

Claudia Hoese
Customer Relationship Manager/
Public Relations Manager
+49 611 308600-12

If you distribute agricultural plastics in Switzerland, you can link up with ERDE Schweiz.

Who are the shareholders of RIGK?

RIGK was founded in 1992 by packaging and plastics producers, in order to support them in the recovery and recycling of their packaging. Our shareholders are BASF, DOW, INEOS, lyondellbasell, Mauser, Berry, Schütz Packaging Systems and SL Packaging.

I have packaging for non-hazardous substances with the RIGK logo. Where can I deliver it?

Our employees will be pleased to inform you where the nearest collection point in your region is and how you can organise quick and smooth returns. Get in touch with us!

Tel number: +49 611 3086003


I have packaging for hazardous substances with the RIGK logo. Where can I deliver it?

Tel number +49 611 3086001 or send an email to the RIGK team at in order to organise optimum returns for you, taking into account the hazard classification and your location.

I have packaging with the RIGK-PICKUP logo. How can I register it for collection?

You can register empty packaging for collection up to six times a year. We request that you notify us of the quantities you have to collect by email 14 days before the reporting period. A service provider we commission will collect your empty packaging from your location within 10 days.

If you are a new end consumer of packaging with the RIGK-PICKUP logo, please contact our RIGK-PICKUP team by telephone on +49 611 30860038 or by email at

I have packaging with the PAMIRA logo. Where can I deliver it?

There are nearly 400 collection points throughout Germany where you can deliver your used and rinsed crop protection products and liquid fertiliser packaging that carries the PAMIRA logo, free of charge, on certain collection dates. You will find your nearest collection point on the PAMIRA website. Please consider that if you have larger quantities (more than 15 m³) you must notify a pre-collection.

I have SEED packaging with the PAMIRA logo. Where can I deliver it?

In order to deliver empty used seed-dressing packaging of between 30 and 200 litres, notify returns by the reporting date using the online form. We will then give you all the further information about the collection point and date.

I have used harvest plastics. Where can I deliver them?

You can deliver agricultural films, nets and yarns to our ERDE collection points throughout Germany on their collection dates. You will find your nearest collection point and the relevant collection periods on the ERDE website. However, you can simply ask your collection point about the relevant costs directly by telephone or email.

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Claudia Hoese
Claudia HoeseCustomer Relationship Manager / Public Relations Manager