Examples of packaging types


  • Plastic sacks
  • Sack linings for solids

Flexible pouring containers 

  • Flexible IBCs (Big Bags)
  • Combined FIBCs (Big Bags) (Combined material norm: 95%/5%)
  • Fabric sacks

Rigid packaging        

  • Bottles
  • Buckets
  • Canisters
  • Barrels

Combined packaging (Combined material norm: 95%/5%)

Paper sacks/Cardboard

  • Papier sacks containing hazardous substances bearing the REPASACK trademark (recovery only via the RIGK-G-SYSTEM)

Which packaging is returnable?

Using the RIGK-G(Hazard) SYSTEM, we will take back your empty used packaging which, due to your product, is subject to labelling obligations according to the Hazardous Substances Law or the European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.
The packaging may not contain gases or explosive, infectious or radioactive substances.

Depending on the hazard potential, the hazardous packaging is classified into reprocessing groups reprocessing groups.

How does the return work?

According to waste legislation, the packaging is taken back as EAK Waste Code 15 01 10* (“packaging which contains residues from hazardous substances or has been contaminated through hazardous substances”). After consultation with RIGK, the hazardous material packaging can be provided in design-approved collection sacks, in bulk or in containers. Depending on the hazard class and packaging type, the disposal takes place nationwide via approved collection points, treatment plants and waste incinerators. As verification of correct disposal, you will receive a waste legislation takeover note or a taking-back protocol.

For further information on the recovery and disposal of your hazardous material packaging, the RIGK Team is available to assist you via g-system@rigk.de.

Sustainability through energetic recycling

By using the RIGK-G-SYSTEM, to return your products, you are acting in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. This is because: after reliable recovery, the packaging for hazardous substances is disposed of energetically. Here the energy contained in the plastics is used to generate electricity, steam and district heating. Here we ensure that the selected plants have all the legal permits and fulfil the specifications for energetic recycling and removal in terms of the closed loop recycling management law (KrWG).

Please contact our RIGK-G via email to g-system@rigk.de in order to organise optimised return, taking into account the hazard classification and your location!  

It is essential that you observe the following:

The RIGK-G-SYSTEM may not be confused with the RIGK-SYSTEM for packaging for non-hazardous substances. It is essential that these systems are handled separately from one another! 

Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.