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Participating product groups:
  • Plant protection products
  • Liquid fertiliser
  • Inventory protective substances
  • Biological stimulants
  • Sprayer cleaner
  • Spray additives

The PAMIRA trademark

The PAckMIttel-Rücknahme Agrar (Packaging Recovery Agriculture) (PAMIRA®) is a voluntary recovery system which the German plant protection industry has practiced successfully in collaboration with the trade since 1996 on a nationwide scale, with the objective of guaranteeing the responsible and controlled recovery and recycling of empty used plant protection products and liquid fertiliser packaging. 

Farmers can hand in used packaging bearing the PAMIRA trademark anywhere in Germany on certain dates to the PAMIRA SYSTEM collection points. 

® = registered trademark of Industrieverbandes Agrar e.V. (IVA)

Which packaging is returnable?

At the PAMIRA collection points, all packaging from plant protection products, inventory protective substances, liquid fertilisers, biological stimulants, growth regulators, sprayer cleaners and spray additives labelled with the PAMIRA trademark can be handed in. These currently include canisters and barrels, but also volume-flexible packaging such as sacks, bags and boxes made from plastic and paper as well as metal packaging. 

For the reliable and environmentally-friendly disposal and recycling of the returned agricultural pesticide packaging, farmers must fulfil various conditions on return. Trained personnel available on site check every delivery as to whether the packaging has been completely emptied, rinsed, dried and sorted. 

Sustainable recycling

The objective of PAMIRA-SYSTEM is to dispose of empty packaging as easily as possible – in a reliable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner . This concept works: currently, approximately three quarters of all packaging is collected and disposed of by PAMIRA. After the successful acceptance, your packaging is either recycled as material (for the production of new plastic products) currently the recycling rate for canisters is over 90 percent.

Become a trademark user and act responsibly

The PAMIRA disposal system was developed at the beginning of the 1990’s by the German plant protection industry on a voluntary basis together with the agricultural wholesale trade. The objective: to act together responsibly in order to protect the environment, to promote safety and to maintain people’s health. The promoter of the project is the Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH, Frankfurt am Main.

The costs of collection, logistics and recycling of the packaging are borne by the producers of plant protection products. The approximately over 400 collection points nationwide are provided by the trade. In total, over 100 trademark users are organised within the PAMIRA-SYSTEM.

You too, as producers or packer/filler for plant protection products and liquid fertilisers, can decide to participate voluntarily in the PAMIRA-SYSTEM – and help us to act together responsibly and sustainably!
You can find more information on the PAMIRA website.


Partnerships and assistance at international level

Through consistent compliance with the ECPA Guidelines, RIGK provides services for the safe recycling and recycling of pesticide packaging.


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