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Closed loop recycling management and law

Laws, directives and ordinances on packaging

Laws are our basis for everything we do  – so that you can always be certain of adhering to all legal regulations regarding closed loop recycling management.

We have put together relevant legal texts for you on the subjects return and recycling of plastic packaging and plastics.

4 Duties Packaging Law- how to avoid fines!

4 Duties Packaging Law- how to avoid fines!

The Packaging Law is an instrument for the promotion of the circular economy. It serves to protect the environment and places greater responsibility on industry! Have you also thought of everything with the changes to the Packaging Law? Do you comply with all obligations? With RIGK you are on the safe side. We take care of the extended verification and documentation obligations for you and also support you in all areas of compliance with the Packaging Law.

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Legal texts in PDF format for opening and downloading:

Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR)

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Packaging Directives for the European Union

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Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV)

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Packaging Law (VerpackG)

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Waste Representative Directive (AbfBeauftrV)

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Chemicals Act (ChemG)

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