Included packaging types and product groups:
  • FIBCs (Big Bags) and fabric sacks from the agricultural sector with the following filling products:
    • Seeds
    • Feed
    • Fertiliser
    • Other
  • Stretch and shrink films
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden one-way pallets
  • Packaging aids
  • Stretch and shrink films
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden one-way pallets
  • Packaging aids

It will be possible to drop off VerenA-licensed packaging at around 400 planned collection points nationwide during defined collection dates and times. In future, all collection points near you, and the drop-off dates and times can be found on our official VerenA homepage

Learn more about the VerenA Terms of Acceptance

The VerenA trademark

The VerenA trademark indicates to you as a final consumer/waste producer that you can drop off your empty Big Bags at any VerenA collection point throughout Germany for free in a completely easy and environmentally friendly manner. Participating packers/fillers will place the VerenA trademark on their FIBCs (Big Bags).

VerenA Trademark Labelling Guidelines

Which packaging is returnable?

At the VerenA-SYSTEM collection points, you will be able to drop off FIBCs (Big Bags) with the VerenA trademark that previously contained non-hazardous substances from the agricultural sector free of charge. These collection points will also accept the associated licensed transport and secondary packaging. All VerenA-licensed Big Bags that are dropped off must be empty, free of trickles, clean on the outside and have a legible product label. They can be handed in rolled up and tied together and then placed in a single outer Big Bag. Trained staff at the collection points will inspect all deliveries in order to ensure they comply with the VerenA Terms of Acceptance.

Sustainability through recycling

The VerenA-SYSTEM is a simple solution for the safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable disposal of Big Bags that previously contained non-hazardous substances from the agricultural sector. Proper drop-offs and takeback of separated materials will make it possible to send the empty Big Bags directly on to our recycling partners, where the bags will be put through various processing steps such as shredding and cleaning and then ultimately used to create high-quality recyclate. This PP recyclate can then be used to manufacture various types of plastic products – which completes the cycle. 

Who stands behind VerenA-SYSTEM?

The VerenA recovery system will be operated by the German agricultural industry in cooperation with four industry associations and RIGK. These industry associations are:

Together, these associations make up the “Interessengemeinschaft (IG) VerenA” (VerenA Interest Group)


Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.

Jens Dambeck
Jens DambeckSystem Manager