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Service und know-how matters regarding recovery and recycling for the Eastern European market

Since 2008, Romania has also been one of the countries in which RIGK is active regarding recovery: through the foundation of RIGK Romania (RIGK SRL), we have now offered our service and know-how for more than 10 years on the Eastern European market.  

In the same way as in Germany, RIGK takes back packaging and plastics from the agricultural sectors, but also from the fields of industry and commerce in its own recovery systems, and transports them for sustainable recycling.

For this purpose, we operate two warehouses in Romania with capacities for the compression and shredding of packaging. Our total of 15 employees on site offer consultation in Romania and the adjacent countries to the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors and also to industrial-commercial final consumers in all matters regarding the disposal and recycling of waste.

You can find further information on the website of RIGK Romania!

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Alexandra Nitu
Alexandra NituManager RIGK Romania