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Examples of packaging types


  • Plastic sacks
  • Sack linings for solids
  • Stretch and shrink films

Flexible pouring containers

  • Flexible IBCs (Big Bags)
  • Fabric sacks

Rigid packaging        

  • Bottles
  • Buckets
  • Canisters
  • Barrels

Combined packaging (Combined material norm: 95%/5%)

Fiber drums
Paper sacks

Wooden and plastic pallets (one-way)

Dangerous material packaging 

with labelling obligation acc. the Hazardous Substances Law and the European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, and/or acc. GHS. 

All-round carefree service for your packaging return 

The RIGK-PICKUP trademark signals to industrial, commercial or agricultural final consumers that their used and empty used packaging can be collected directly on site and professionally recycled – free of charge, reliably and legally. 
A truly all-round carefree service: for you and your customers!

Which packaging is returnable?

Using RIGK-PICKUP, we collect from the final consumer both packaging for non-hazardous substances and packaging for hazardous substances. The latter concerns products which have to be subject to labelling obligations according to the Hazardous Substances Law, the European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, and/or acc. GHS. Packaging containing gases or explosive, infectious or radioactive substances will not be collected.
For disposal purposes, the RIGK-PICKUP system makes use of a pool of certified waste disposal companies already also active for other systems. These are generally also commissioned as carriers, as they have their own transport logistics.

Sustainable recycling

With the RIGK-PICKUP, you as a company are acting sustainably: After collection, your packaging is recycled  depending on the degree of contamination, sorting purity and pollution load. Packaging for non-hazardous substances and sorted packaging is processed to form granulate, in order to produce new plastic products. Packaging for hazardous substances is generally energetically recycled in order to generate electricity, steam and district heating. Here we ensure at all times that the selected waste incinerators have all legal permits and fulfil the prerequisites laid down in the closed loop recycling management law (KrWG). Under certain prerequisites, mechanical recycling in approved treatment plants is also possible.

Additional advantages of the PICKUP SYSTEM are explained by the system manager, Jens Dambeck, in our series #RIGKinquired.

Become a contract partner and profit in many and diverse ways

For you as a producer/distributor, the utilisation of the all-round carefree RIGK-PICKUP service is as simple as it is advantageous: after you have closed a RIGK-PICKUP-contract with us, you may apply the RIGK-PICKUP trademark to your packaging. You pay your fee to RIGK depending on the type of packaging, hazardous substances and the weight of the packaging you have put into circulation. This license fee covers your entire costs for reliable and legal collection and recycling.

This is to your advantage, as through the efficient outsourcing of the recovery logistics of your packaging, you save valuable time and costs – and legally fulfil the obligations laid down in the Packaging Ordinance. In this way, you can dedicate your full energy and attention to your core business and your customers!  

In addition, you can actively reduce CO2 emissions at your company through environmentally-friendly and eco-efficient recycling and logistics. This merits an individual climate protection certificate .

We are happy to create an offer for RIGK-PICKUP tailored to your individual requirements – simply contact us! (E-Mail or telephone +49 611 308600-36)

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Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.

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