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ERDE Switzerland

Recycling of agricultural plastics in Switzerland

Since 2021, the ERDE - Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland system has been transferred to Switzerland, where the ERDE Switzerland initiative was founded. As in Germany, this is a take-back and recycling system for silage bale films and nets, which evolved from a voluntary industry initiative and actively contributes to sustainable agricultural management in feed production. Manufacturers, farmers, collection point operators - all those involved assume joint responsibility and ensure that agricultural plastics are successfully returned to the material cycle through sustainable recycling. Recycling conserves resources and is active climate protection!

RIGK acts as a system operator in Switzerland and therefore also contributes its many years of experience in setting up agricultural systems internationally.

For more information, please visit the website ERDE Switzerland!


Familiarise yourself with our first subsidiary on the Eastern European market within the scope of our international commitments with RIGK Romania (RIGK SRL).

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How recycling works at RIGK

New products and new energy – material and energetic recycling is the RIGK solution for the sustainable recycling of packaging and plastics.

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Anne Biehl
Anne BiehlBusiness Development Manager / ERDE CH