Your suitable packaging with recycled content:

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Customer satisfaction

Personal service and uncomplicated solutions

The objectives of RIGK GmbH are to guarantee a comprehensive and uncomplicated solution for  for the take-back of industrial and commercial packaging and plastics instead of plastic products. The satisfaction of our customers, for whom our team is committed on a daily basis, is always in the foreground for us: with personal contacts, comprehensive services and individual advice.

An excellent and customer-oriented service ensures almost 100% customer satisfaction. This was the result of an in-house customer satisfaction check.

Due to the mutual agreement of the customers and RIGK, numerous solutions for the optimisation of recycling management have been created in recent years. In the course of this, the company can look back on a large number of long-standing business relationships, which will continue to receive extensive support in the future.

RIGK GmbH would like to thank you for the trust and will continue to be open to any questions and suggestions that may arise.

The RIGK customer survey

 Round pie chart with 99 percent “satisfied” and 1 % “dissatisfied”

We asked 78 of our licence customers how satisfied they are with the service and solutions provided by RIGK. The findings: 77 of them were fully satisfied. Customers particularly praised the personal service, cost efficient solutions, RIGK climate protection certificates as well as time and personnel cost savings thanks to the comprehensive and legally-compliant organisation of the recovery of materials by RIGK.

With skilled advice in the case of questions and queries on the Packaging Law as well as other matters, we are, also in 2021, a reliable partner for our customers.


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Quality standard

All information on the quality standard of the RIGK services and our successfully certified Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

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RIGK history

The milestones and successes of RIGK in over 25 years of innovative plastic recycling for industry and agriculture.

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Do you have any questions?

Then simply call us, or send us an email! Your contact is happy to assist you personally with additional information, and will advise you on all recovery and recycling topics.

Claudia Hoese
Claudia HoeseCustomer Relationship Manager / Public Relations Manager