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What recycling means to us

Thinking and acting sustainably

For over 25 years now, we have focussed our energy, our know-how and our innovative force on one task: the successful return and sustainable reuse and recycling of plastic packaging and plastics. This is because a successful, functioning closed loop recycling management for us is the prerequisite for true sustainability and efficient environmental protection.

Recycling and society

Much has changed since the foundation of RIGK in 1992: The huge waste heaps of the past have disappeared thanks to a growing awareness of the necessity of sustainable action. Our politics are creating new prerequisites for increasingly comprehensive recycling measures, and consumers are now also aware of the problem. At the same time, technologies for the increasingly effective recycling of plastics are constantly developing. 

Know-how and force of innovation

Following these developments, and even staying one step ahead of them, is a continuous challenge – which our Team faces up to successfully. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of the entire process chain of return and recycling, from the final consumer right up to recycling on the raw material markets. For this purpose, they continuously undertake further training, conduct active exchanges of ideas with the industry and other branch representatives, and think ahead to the future. Internally, too, our employees focus on sustainability during their daily work.

Cooperation and dialogue

Sustainable recycling can’t work through the efforts of one company alone. In order to cope with this task, we engage in constant dialogue with representatives from the industry as well as national and international network systems comprising of like-minded companies.

European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations (EPRO)

RIGK has been a member of EPRO since 2006 – a Pan European association which concerns itself with the organisation and promotion of plastics recycling.

Product Responsibility Branch Initiative (BiPv)

RIGK has joined forces with three further operators of producer-borne systems for the return of packaging in February 2011 to form the Product Responsibility Branch Initiative (BiPv).

Sustainability at RIGK

Discover how RIGK focuses consistently on company environment protection and sustainable company management, also within its own company.

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We present to you our company’s own objectives, competences and the people behind RIGK.

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