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Quality standard

Certified Environmental and Quality Management Systems

The topic of quality represents the focus of all services which we offer to you. This is a self-obligation which we regularly also fulfil in accordance with the stringent specifications laid down in international DIN standards.

Efficient management systems

In 1996, the new regulations on waste disposal companies (EfbV) demanded a certification from RIGK – which, however, simply couldn’t be fulfilled. This was because none of the certifiable waste management activities concerning the collection, transportation, storage, treatment, recycling or disposal of waste were conducted independently.

The solution: in order to create our own standard, we developed our Environmental Management System (EM System) in addition to our already-existing, detailed quality-orientated system. The latter defined the process flows and regulations on monitoring and measurement during the procurement and regular inspection of the collection points, recycling companies and carriers.

Continuously successful certifications

Both systems continously pass the regular recertification in accordance with the Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management DIN EN ISO 14001. This combined certificate places stringent requirements on the operation of collection systems for the return and recycling of industrial and commercial plastic packaging and plastics as well as plant protection and seed dressing packaging from the agrochemicals sector.

Quality without limits

Our quality claims also comprise of us never ceasing to continuously improve our environmental and process performance – to which we have also obligated ourselves with the international DIN standard. We  place these requirements equally comprehensively on all service provider companies who work for us: we not only agree on prices, but also on the quality of the services, their on-time implementation and the relevant requirements on the environmentally-friendly execution of the activities.

Next certification audit: 2024

The next certification audit is to take place in December 2024 at RIGK. In addition, we voluntarily have ourselves inspected in interim audits for the consistent improvement of our environmental and process performance.

Symbols for a certified company according to DIN (German Institute for Standardisation)

Symbol for a certified company acc. DIN EN ISO 9001
Symbol for a certified company acc. DIN EN ISO 14001
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Quality knows no standstill

RIGK has been successfully recertified for its environmental and quality management and is distinguished by the continuous optimisation of its systems.

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Sustainability at RIGK

Discover how RIGK also consistently focuses on operational environmental protection within their own company and on sustainable company management.

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Certified climate protection

RIGK issues climate protection certificates to trademark users in recognition of their active environmental protection and active product responsibility.

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