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Facts & figures

Our services and successes at a glance

1.177.00 trees bind as much CO2 as was saved from 2014-2016 in the Crop Plastics Recycling Germany(ERDE)-SYSTEM through the collection and recycling of agricultural films.
8 RIGK SYSTEME Zahlen Fakten
36.150 hectares of forest are required to bind our anniversary CO2-savings.
Over 1.000 collection partners
60.000 customers from trademark users and final consumers in the fields of industry, commerce and agriculture.
32,000,000 kg were recycelt over all systems
A barefoot child sits in harmony with nature on a hay bale.


Discover why sustainable and responsible actions are simultaneously the objective and claim for RIGK – and what our contribution towards a future worth living looks like.

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We present to you our company’s own objectives, competences and the people behind RIGK.

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