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Sustainability at RIGK

Active environmental management

The Mission of RIGK is to return plastics successfully into the recycling cycle – for our environment and for sustainable use of resources. We don’t just pursue this objective through our collaboration with our customers, partners and final consumers, but also act upon it internally as a company: each of our employees is asked to save resources and act in an environmentally-friendly manner during the execution of their tasks.

Quality standards

Everything on the quality standards of RIGK services and our successful certified environmental and quality management systems

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What recycling means to us

Discover what drives our Team to constantly develop better recovery systems and recycling solutions – and to consistently conduct sustainable work.

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Reduce CO2-emissions

By transmitting recycled raw materials into the circular economy, less energy is used and less CO2 is released than by conventional production processes. This reduces greenhouse gases to a considerable extent, which would otherwise further influence climate change.

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Intensive process for more sustainability

For a whole year, the RIGK Team has concerned itself intensively with the company environmental protection and sustainable company management – and successfully received the ÖKOPROFIT award in 2014 from the State Capital of Wiesbaden in accordance with criteria which apply nationwide. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – this isn’t just an external directive for us, but rather an internal orientation for all our employees.
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