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RIGK in Spain

Consulting Project Envalora: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) with Envalora in Spain - Registration Obligation

Within the scope of a consulting project, RIGK is providing its more than 30 years of expertise to support the implementation of a take-back system for industrial and commercial packaging in Spain.

With the new legislation, the Spanish government implements the obligation for extended producer responsibility (EPR) for industrial and commercial packaging for the first time. It specifies on the responsibility for the organization and financing of the recycling of one-way and reusable packaging.

This extended producer responsibility was part of a corresponding decree (1055/2022), passed in December 2022 and affects all companies that place packaged products on the Spanish market. The regulation also includes foreign companies that sell products into Spain and do not have a branch and tax number (CIF) in Spain.

Even before December 2022, the Cicloplast Association presented Envalora, a project of the development of a Spanish take-back system (Sistema Colectivo de Responsabilidad Ampliada del Productor (SCRAP)) for industrial and commercial packaging from the chemical, plastics, rubber and construction sectors.

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