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European Plastic packaging waste statistics 2016

Recycling passed 40%, total recovery reached almost 80%

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10 years of successful recycling for Romania

RIKG Romania offers service and know-how regarding recovery and recycling for the Eastern European market.

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Start thinking of tomorrow today. For us, this means: acting sustainably and responsibly – through the successful return and recycling of plastics.

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RIGK Booth IFAT 2018

Record-setting IFAT

Five days „Sustainability in Action“ for solutions in plastics return and recycling.

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Industry & commerce

Familiarise yourself with our recovery systems for packaging and plastics in the fields of industry and commerce.

Are you a producer or a  packer/filler?

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Are you a final consumer?

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Familiarise yourself with our recovery systems for packaging, plastics, fibrous webs, nets, yarns and unusable chemicals in the field of agriculture.

Are you a producer or a packer/filler?

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Are you a farmer?

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Consultation and individual solutions

The RIGK Team develops individual solutions concerning the topic of closed loop recycling management for your company, and advises you on all questions regarding the recovery and recycling of packaging and plastics.

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RIGK worldwide

The RIGK Team is active on an international scale for the sustainable recovery and recycling of plastics – with two successful foreign subsidiaries and numerous consultation projects.

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What we do

Our mission and vision

RIGK GmbH organises the return and recycling of plastics for the industry and agriculture - sustainably, efficiently and legally. For over 25 years now, our Team has successfully developed and realised innovative recovery systems and recycling solutions for the whole of Germany. Get to know us!

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Already thinking of tomorrow today

Sustainable and responsible actions are simultaneously the objective and ambition for RIGK: through the taking back and recycling of plastics, we want to contribute towards the protection and preservation of our environment for future generations.


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