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Products made from recycling plastics

Efficient material recycling of recovered plastics

During the recycling processes at RIGK, raw materials are recovered from plastics which in turn are returned into the recycling cycle and processed to create new products. This process is called “material recycling”.

Those products which accumulate during the recycling procedure for the plastics taken back by RIGK are not quite as high-quality in their pure form as the original product. For this reason, regrinds are frequently mixed with new material in order to achieve the same result.  

Recycling products made from RIGK plastic packaging and plastics

Regrinds made from hard polyethylene plastic (HDPE)

  • Sewer pipes Cable protection pipes

Regrinds made from soft polyethylene plastic (LDPE)

  • Bin bags Construction films Sacks Silage films

Regrinds made from polypropylene plastic (PP)

  • Automobile construction (door inner claddings and insulation elements in the underbody)

How recycling works at RIGK

New products and new energy – material and energetic recycling is the RIGK solution for the sustainable recycling of packaging and plastics.

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What recycling means to us

Discover what drives our Team to constantly develop better recovery systems and recycling solutions – and to consistently conduct sustainable work.

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Ingo Köhler
Ingo KöhlerRecycling Manager