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Efficient environmental protection

How plastic recycling actively protects the environment

RIGK takes back used plastic packaging and plastics in order to recycle them – and thus makes an active contribution towards environmental protection and increased sustainability.

Retaining valuable resources

From used plastics, we can recover valuable raw materials through material recycling. These can be returned into the recyclable material cycle in order to process them into new products. The advantage: fewer limited environmental resources have to be exploited, and the accumulation of unused waste is avoided.

Reducing CO2 emissions

By returning recycled raw materials into the closed loop recycling management, less energy is consumed and less CO2 released than in conventional production processes. In this way, greenhouse gases, which would otherwise continue to affect climate change, can be reduced to a substantial extent. In connection with this, we issue to our trademark users of our return systems RIGK-SYSTEM, RIGK-G-SYSTEM, RIGK-PICKUP and PAMIRA with climate protection certificates, which show the annually achieved, individual CO2 savings.

Disposing of hazardous substances safely

Packaging which has contained hazardous substances is always problematic after use, as the dangerous materials contained in them are a potential risk to the environment. Using specialised recovery systems, RIGK ensures that the recycling of these plastics takes place reliably and in line with the legal specifications. For safety reasons, all packaging taken back via the RIGK-G-SYSTEM is energetically disposed of. Here the energy contained in the plastics is used to generate electricity, steam and district heating, so that less primary materials if required for the generation of energy. Also, the disposal takes place exclusively within Germany.

Ecological balance

Which environmental effects are recorded in the ecological balance, and what can they be used for?

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