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Recycling at RIGK

Material recovery and energetic recovery of plastics

The sustainable recycling of packaging and plastics represents the core business of RIGK: We ensure that the returned material is recycled in a reliable and environmentally-friendly manner. Depending on the material, we focus on material recovery, in order to generate new products again, or on energetic recovery for energy extraction through incineration. The biggest advantage of recycling: the waste quantity is reduced– whilst increasingly scarce raw materials are spared!

Plastic recycling explained differently

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Material recycling

The packaging taken back by RIGK can be recycled as material – provided it is collected as sorted as possible and as clean as possible. The technical procedures for recycling are very different, but in general the recycling process consists of the refinement or material recycling of pure plastics.

The materials in question are crushed, cleaned and finally remelted to form new plastic products. Their chemical structure is retained during this mechanical renovation. In this way, so-called regrinds result, from which new plastic products can be produced in injection or blow-moulding procedures. This successfully closes the recycling cycle!

Energetic recycling

Packaging which has contained hazardous substances is on the other hand incinerated and energetically recycled: The energy contained in the plastics is used for the generation of electricity, steam or district heating. Here RIGK always ensures that all selected waste incinerators have the necessary legal approvals and fulfil the prerequisites for energetic recycling in terms of the closed loop recycling managements law (KrWG).

What recycling means to us

Discover what drives our Team to constantly develop better recovery systems and recycling solutions – and to consistently conduct sustainable work.

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Products made from recycling plastics

Find out more on the second life of the plastic packaging and plastics taken back by RIGK as recycled products for use in very different walks of life.

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Frank Enders
Frank EndersSystem Manager RIGK / Materialflow Manager