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29. November 2021

30th anniversary with a view to the future

RIGK joyfully celebrates its 30th anniversary. These are truly good prospects for the year 2022.

Next year, RIGK will have been committed to sustainability and responsible care for three decades. Despite the burning issue of Corona, climate change has a strong prominence in the social discussion. There is a powerful focus on the circular economy, which aims to close raw material cycles together with industry. With its recovery systems, RIGK makes a valuable contribution in the fight against climate change and in the spirit of sustainability. The spectrum ranges from packaging and plastics from industry, agriculture and commerce to taking back unusable pesticides and chemicals in the agricultural sector.

30 years of fighting for a circular economy

In the future, RIGK will continue to develop as a successful service provider and constructively implement the impulses for packaging recycling from politics. It is the innovative strength and know-how that produce ever more efficient solutions. RIGK stands for the challenging task of optimising the circular economy and protecting the environment by recovering and recycling plastic packaging & plastics. To meet this requirement, constant dialogue with representatives of politics, business and research is just as important as working in national and international networks.

The company will continue to work intensively on the responsible use of resources and thus contribute to improving the CO2 balance. Because: "Our actions now determine the world of tomorrow."