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28. October 2021

PRE collections of unusable plant protection products start

In the period from 3rd to 29th November 2021, plant protection products and agricultural chemicals that have become unusable will once again be taken back at eight locations in Germany as part of the PRE® service (in German “Pflanzenschutzmittel Rücknahme und Entsorgung” Plant Protection Products Take-Back and Disposal System).

This includes agents that may no longer be used in Germany because their authorization has expired or they are no longer applicable, as well as other agricultural chemicals, for example cleaning agents, oils, dressings, fertilizers, dressed seeds, filters, greases and paints.

PRE was founded in 2013 by the German Agricultural Industry Association (IVA) as part of the sustainability initiatives of the German crop protection industry. Since PRE was launched, 296 tonnes of plant protection products that had become unusable have been safely disposed of. 2000 suppliers have used the system since its launch. The PRE system is a comprehensive solution for the safe disposal of agricultural chemicals. Together with predecessor projects, a total of 842 tonnes of obsolete pesticides and other agrochemicals have been disposed of by more than 10,300 suppliers since 2006.

The German website provides further information on the PRE system, all collection points and dates in 2021 as well as the acceptance conditions. On the free service number 0800 3086001 (within Germany), experts from RIGK GmbH, Wiesbaden, the company entrusted with the implementation of the project, are available to answer questions about the return and disposal of unusable crop protection products (Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., except on public holidays).

For logistical reasons, a maximum quantity of 1 tonne per deliverer can be accepted at the PRE collection points. However, more than 1 tonne can of course be disposed of via PRE. If you need to dispose of more than 1 tonne, please call RIGK GmbH (0800 3086001) to arrange disposal individually. A fee of 2.95 euros per kilogram/litre plus VAT is charged for the collection. Payment is made by invoice. Deliverers must therefore have invoicing data and identity card ready at the time of delivery. An original transfer note is issued as proof of disposal under waste management law.

After collection, the chemicals are transported by the PRE system to approved hazardous waste incineration plants and disposed of.

In addition, collections of the PAMIRA system (in German Packmittel-Rücknahme Agrar), the disposal system for emptied crop protection and liquid fertilizer packaging, are currently still running at some locations. Information, dates and collection points are available at in the PAMIRA app.

PRE flyer collections 2021 (german version)