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21. May 2019

Recycling knows no borders

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The environmentally friendly recycling of plastics waste has become an explosive topic worldwide. Leading experts from around the world will meet from November 26 to 28, 2019 at the International Recycling Forum in Wiesbaden in order to advance solutions for a sustainable closed substance cycle.

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The effects of plastic waste on the environment are being increasingly discussed in public. Professional expertise is required in order to tackle the problem in a solutions-oriented manner. This is reason enough for RIGK to bring together recycling experts from around the world in order to exchange ideas on the current key topics for sustainable plastic recycling:

  • Design for Recycling
    The first step towards a closed substance cycle is product design that takes the recyclability of packaging into account.
  • Innovative Recycling Technologies
    High-tech is the key to the production of high-quality regranulate and thus to a sustainable cycle. Learn about the latest recycling technology at our forum.
  • Areas of Use for Regranulate made of Plastics
    New goods or rather regranulate? A conscious decision by industry to use regranulate is a prerequisite for a successful closed substance cycle. The most successful case studies will be presented at the forum.  
  • EPR Systems
    Sustainable product responsibility in the waste sector begins with the collection and sorting of waste because high recycling quotas are only possible if these process steps function optimally. Producer-borne recovery systems provide the solution here.
  • Chemical Recycling
    Besides the recycling of materials and the recovery of energy the chemical processing of plastics is emerging as a new option for sustainable waste recycling.
  • Collection and Recycling of Agricultural Plastics
    Traditionally always a topic at the Wiesbaden Recycling Forum, it has become more explosive again through the changes in the recycling market.

“Plastics that end up in nature are currently one of the most discussed environmental topics. The problem has been recognised – now we need solutions. The recycling sector is challenged more than ever before,” says Jan Bauer, Authorised Officer at RIGK GmbH. “The International Recycling Forum bundles the experience and the knowledge of leading experts and provides pioneering impulses for a sustainable closed substance cycle – all on a global level. We can only meet this challenge together if we look for viable solutions across national borders.”

RIGK has been bringing more than 120 experts from 20 countries together every two years at the International Recycling Forum in Wiesbaden since 2015 in cooperation with the European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations (EPRO) in order to discuss current initiatives, innovative technologies and visionary trends. This year, among others, Andreas Kicherer, Head of Sustainability Marketing at BASF, will present a further alternative for the solution of the global waste problem: ChemCycling. BASF has produced products on the basis of chemically recycled plastics for the first time – using thermo-chemical processes that recover synthesis gases and oils from plastic waste.

For details and to register for the International Recycling Forum 2019: here!