23. March 2022

RIGK recycling solutions for industry

RIGK has now provided safe, sustainable and legally-compliant recycling of packaging and plastics for 30 years. The differentiations we make with our systems according to client groups are on the one hand, historical, but on the other hand, also coordinated on the demands of clients and their packaging. We combine all take-back systems for clients from industry and commerce under the label RIGK Industry.

The Packaging Ordinance was adopted in 1991, and required businesses to take packaging back and contribute to its recycling. In order to do this sustainably and in a legally-compliant manner, manufacturers of plastics and packaging decided to found the “Gesellschaft zur Rückführung industrieller und gewerblicher Kunststoffverpackungen mbH” – abbreviated as RIGK, which means “Company for the Recovery of Industrial and Commercial Plastic Packaging”.

Within RIGK Industry, three take-back systems form the basis of recycling solutions for clients or manufacturers and distributors from industry and commerce. In order to manage these systems, RIGK works with licence marks, which participants can use to label their packaging and with a contribution that ensures manufacturer will take responsibility for taking packaging back. Wherever possible RIGK prefers mechanical recycling, meaning old packaging becomes new products – sustainable plastic recycling.

The history of the company started with the RIGK-SYSTEM for packaging of non hazardous substances and further take-back systems followed.

RIGK-SYSTEM: The long-term take-back system for used and empty-used packaging of non hazardous substances. Packaging that bears the RIGK mark can be returned at collection points established nationwide.

RIGK-G(hazardous)-SYSTEM: The safe take-back system for empty-used packaging containing dangerous goods, which must be labelled in accordance with hazardous substance or dangerous goods law as a result of their filling products.

RIGK-PICKUP-SYSTEM: The uncomplicated take-back system where empty packaging is collected directly on site. RIGK-PICKUP is the free-of-charge worry-free service for end consumers and takes care of packaging for harmless substances and dangerous filling products.

Further information:
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