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23. March 2020

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We are all worried about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which is why I am writing this on behalf of all staff of RIGK GmbH in order to inform you about the current work processes at RIGK.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with all those who are affected by this virus – especially those who are ill. We hope you make a full recovery.

The health and safety of our families, communities and all our partners is important to us. Our team is working for the most part from home and is able to do so at full capacity. Nevertheless, our office is permanently staffed with a small team and we are trying our best to answer your inquiries as promptly as usual. If, despite this, there are any delays due to the changeover of some work processes, we would like to apologise for this.

As you may know, pick-ups normally begin in our agricultural systemsERDE, PAMIRA and PAMIRA-Beize from the end of March. We are in daily contact with our collection points to determine how these evolving conditions may affect collection deadlines or other aspects during collection. Should the current situation or official orders lead to short-term changes in the collection dates in our agricultural systems, you will find this information on the corresponding websites: or

Our recycling and recovery systems for industry and commerce are currently running without restrictions. There may be changes in the processes here, as additional safety measures have been taken to protect personnel. Here, too, we monitor the daily situation in order to be able to react immediately and appropriately.

Our team continuously monitors and evaluates this situation. News can always be found at and the respective system pages. If necessary, we will provide further information should collections be moved to a later date so that we, together with the collection point, can inform the suppliers in good time.

With this in mind – please stay healthy!

Sustainable greetings

Markus Dambeck

General Manager