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25. January 2021

Certifying the recycled content of products

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Using the new Recycled Content Certification of RecyClass plastship can now verify the recycled content in products on the basis of the production data in a certificate. The recycling content is shown in %, as is the origin of the recyclate (pre-consumer/post-consumer). The pre-condition is that the recyclate used in production or its suppliers have an EuCertPlast certificate.

plastship will be pleased to advise you on this matter or will prepare a tender for you.

Free webinar about recycling capability

In December 2020, the first plastship webinar in the series “Certification of recycling capability with RecyClass in Germany” took place with over 200 participants. They received information about checking the recycling capability of plastic packaging according to the RecyClass method and about the topic of design for recycling. plastship will be pleased to send you the webinar documents.

plastship supports plastics processors and trademark owners to implement sustainability targets regarding recyclable packaging. The RecyClass audit provides clarity about the topic of recycling capability. A European standard and thus a single procedure EU-wide for certifying recycling capability will allow you to communicate clearly with your customers and set clear criteria for optimisations.

Good recycling capability is the basic pre-condition for the high quality of recycled plastics and will ensure your packaging comes into the loop as a resource.

Together with you, plastship will ensure your plastic packaging is optimised for plastic recycling. We look forward to your feedback. plastship will be pleased to keep you up to date with current developments.

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