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17. August 2023

ERDE Recycling with Pilot Project for Greenhouse Film Recycling

ERDE is collaborating with partners on the collection and recycling of greenhouse films to continuously enhance the sustainability of agriculture.

The IK-initiative ERDE is pleased to engage in a pilot project for recycling greenhouse films in cooperation with the film producer PLASTIKA KRITIS and the 100% ERDE partner, FVG Folien-Vertriebs GmbH. Alongside all stakeholders, ERDE is consistently working to expand and enhance the collection system.

The objective is to continually discover and optimize new efficient collection and recycling methods. The pilot project in the second half of 2023 aims to test proven methodologies and, in close coordination with farmers, identify best-practice approaches for the collection and recycling of used greenhouse films.

ERDE warmly invites farmers, traders, and other stakeholders to participate in this pilot project. If you utilize films from ERDE members, ERDE, along with its cooperative partners, is here to assist you in the return and recycling process. This initiative aims to transform used greenhouse films into valuable raw materials once again.

Further informationen:
Boris Emmel
System Manager ERDE
Phone: +49 611 308600-20