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07. April 2022

PAMIRA® collects 40 tons of pheromone dispensers in 2022 recovery campaign

Thanks to the collection and return commitment of the winegrowers, a higher volume of returns was achieved

Packaging Material Recovery for Agriculture (PAckMIttel-Rücknahme Agrar): PAMIRA® is the recovery system for crop protection products and liquid fertiliser packaging in Germany operated by RIGK. Following the great success of initial test-based special recovery campaigns for pheromone dispensers in 2020, PAMIRA® conducted regular collection campaigns in 2021 and 2022.

In the recently ended 2022 campaign, around 40 tons of pheromone dispensers were recoverd and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner on 16 different collection dates. The dispensers are 100% recycled mechanically and thus remain 100% in the feedstock cycle. Compared with 25 tons in 2021, the return quantity has been significantly increased this year to around 40 tons. Thus, by recycling the pheromone dispensers via PAMIRA®, the winegrowers are once again increasing active environmental protection in the viticulture. In discussions with winegrowers and employees of the collection points, the response was very positive. Both the offer of the collection and the organization were convincing.

The pheromone dispensers protect the vines from the grape berry moth. These are small moths that cause great damage in the vineyard. The trick: the attractants confuse the male grape berry moths so that they can no longer find their way to the females and mate. So it is an environmentally friendly way of controlling pests. But it still remains the problem of empty pheromone dispensers in the vineyard. The solution: the winegrowers hang out the pheromone dispensers in the spring after pruning and bring them to PAMIRA® collection points during special collection dates, which have been set up exclusively for the collection of pheromone dispensers. The return of these is possible at all PAMIRA® collection points during the collection campaign and free of charge for the winegrower.

PAMIRA® is a registered trademark of Industrieverband Agrar e.V.(IVA), the agricultural industry association. In this context RIGK is responsible for carrying out the collections and recycling the collected packaging. (®= registered trademark of the Industrieverband Agrar e.V.)

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