28. November 2022

PROREP - Take-back and recycling system for industrial packaging in Chile takes next hurdle for operational launch

PROREP was originally launched in 2019 as a project of several proactive companies and the consulting firm RIGK Chile, a former subsidiary of RIGK GmbH. Currently, PROREP is going through the approval process as a recognised system and is being advised in its development by RIGK GmbH and the Belgian company Valipac, which both successfully operate take-back systems for commercial and industrial packaging in Europe.  

In Chile, too, recycling, resource conservation and circular economy are important topics for achieving the climate goals. In order to implement the extended producer responsibility, the decree for containers and packaging will come into force in September 2023. It is based on Ley REP 20.920 (Law on Waste Management, Extended Producer Responsibility and Promotion of Recycling), which was already passed in 2016, according to which producers and distributors must demonstrate legally compliant and sustainable collection and recycling of used packaging.  

The state authority Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia (TDLC) (Chilean Antitrust Authority) has now officially confirmed the foundation and statutes of PROREP as a "Gran Sistema Colectivo de Gestión (Gransic)" (collective management system) for industrial packaging. This means that PROREP can now constitute itself as a union and take further steps regarding an operational system for the collection and recycling of used packaging. PROREP starts implementing the provisions from the law on extended producer responsibility and the promotion of recycling.  

In early 2023, PROREP will launch a communication campaign to attract more members, but also to further publicise the obligations of the Act. Furthermore, pilot projects will already start. Then, in September 2023, the REP law for containers and packaging will come into force and PROREP will meet its members' recycling quotas in its operations. According to Pedro Álamos, executive director of PROREP, by the time the law comes into force in September 2023, they expect additionally 1,000 participants of the total of around 15,000 obligated producers in Chile to join the initiative.  

More information on PROREP can be found here. 

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