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15. October 2020

RIGK is promoting sport in the clubs

Sport is important for physical and mental mobility. RIGK has long been promoting sport in the clubs.

The most recent example: the E2 young footballers from VfL Fontana Finthen. The club is a permanent fixture in Mainz amateur football: family-oriented and particularly committed to youth work. The Fontana motto: Football is more than 1-0. Performance yes, but not at any price. Here the kids learn the rules around the round leather. They learn to win in a team but also to lose together. "These are experiences that they need for their future," says RIGK Managing Director Jan Bauer about the commitment of the plastics recycler in sports. Or spoken with a prominent comment from Werner Hansch the great German sports reporter: "Everything else is Schnulli-Bulli".

The 11 VfL Fontana young footballers have fun with the new RIGK jerseys.

RIGK Sponsoring Fontana Finthen E2