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30. January 2023

VerenA – takeback and recovery of empty used Big Bags from the agricultural sector

VerenA stands for Packaging Recovery for Agriculture (Verpackungsentsorgung Agrar) and is a joint solution provided by industry associations and RIGK for the environmentally friendly takeback and recycling of the Big Bags used in the agricultural sector. The materials are collected where the agricultural sector is located - in the agricultural area by agricultural partners.  Farmers can use the system to drop off free of charge their used and empty FIBCs (Big Bags) of non-hazardous products, such as seeds or fertilisers, as well as the secondary and transport packaging associated with the agricultural Big Bags. By participating in the VerenA-SYSTEM, producers/distributors will fulfil their take-back and recycling obligations as defined in article 15 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). The Big Bags of the participating secondary packaging are marked with the VerenA trademark.

For this year, it is planned to provide up to 400 collection points where VerenA-licensed packaging can be handed in on specific dates nationwide. For this purpose, the VerenA Big Bags that are dropped off must be empty, free of trickles, clean on the outside and have a legible product label, as well as handed in rolled up and tied together and then placed in a single outer Big Bag. The VerenA Big Bags can thus be recovered in a safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable way - and reused in new plastic products via various processing steps - so that the recycling loop is closed again. 

The VerenA-SYSTEM will be operated by RIGK GmbH supported by the following German industry associations: 

Together with RIGK, these associations make up the “Interessengemeinschaft (IG) VerenA” (VerenA Interest Group) 

By joining the new VerenA-SYSTEM and becoming our customer the distributors of agricultural Big Bags on the German market show that they act responsibly and contribute significantly to the resource efficiency and environmental protection. 

Furthermore, the circular economy relies on agricultural trade locations to act as VerenA collection points offering farmers short and easy ways to drop off their empty used packaging. If you are interested in becoming our partner as a VerenA collection point please contact our VerenA support team today.  

Further information on the final VerenA collection points and dates will be available soon on the official VerenA website under


Contact VerenA Team:
Jens Dambeck
System Manager VerenA-SYSTEM
Phone: +49 611 308600-38

Iryna Hrabenko
Customer Relationship Manager VerenA-SYSTEM
Phone: +49 611 308600-58