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17. January 2024

Global Engagement: RIGK Pursues a Comprehensive Approach to Plastic Recycling

Globales Engagement: RIGK verfolgt ganzheitlichen Ansatz des Kunststoffrecyclings

RIGK GmbH positions itself with an integral approach across all stages of the plastic lifecycle. Through the establishment of the PlastCert department, focusing on the certification of recyclability, recycled content, and recycling processes, as well as the integration of Hannawald Plastik GmbH in 2023, RIGK's scope now extends from Design for Recycling to the licensing of packaging materials and the distribution of recyclates. With clear goals for 2024, RIGK aims to further strengthen this comprehensive approach and make a sustainable contribution to a functioning circular economy.

Markus Dambeck, Charmain of the Management Board, emphasizes, "Building expertise across the entire value chain is crucial to increase recycling rates and improve the quality of regranulates. Our integral approach has the clear goal of further increasing our take-back volumes and boosting the use of recyclates. With this, we aim to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable recycling structure and a functional circular economy."

The plastic lifecycle, where RIGK is involved in all areas of recycling

To enable comprehensive sustainable plastic recycling, RIGK actively engages in the first phase of the value chain - the product design phase. Here, the company certifies the recyclability of plastic products through PlastCert before they enter the cycle. In the next step, RIGK takes back these plastic packaging and plastics through its various take-back systems from industry, commerce, and agriculture. In collaboration with partner companies, sorting, refining, and processing into plastic recyclates then follow. To fully implement the concept of a closed loop, RIGK actively participates in the distribution of these recyclates through its subsidiary plastship GmbH. Furthermore, the Wiesbaden-based company promotes the sustainable use of recyclates through PlastCert in collaboration with plastic recyclers.

RIGK also advocates for the sustainable takeback of plastic packaging and plastics on a global level. The company's over ten-year international presence in Romania, the successful transfer of the ERDE system to Switzerland, and the involvement in establishing the ProREP take-back system for industrial plastic packaging in Chile  in 2023 underscore the company's global commitment. RIGK is also actively involved in a consulting project for the introduction of a take-back system in Spain and is a member of EPRO, an international association promoting plastic recycling.

Jan Bauer, Managing Director of RIGK, emphasizes the company's commitment: "Our mission extends beyond borders to promote an efficient circular economy, reduce CO2 emissions, and ensure a sustainable management of resources. Despite significant challenges in our industry, the developments and successes in 2023 inspire us to continue our path equally in the new year. We face the upcoming challenges with all our partners with anticipation and confidence."

RIGK at IFAT 2024

RIGK will present its holistic approach across all stages of the plastic lifecycle at this year's IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, from May 13 to 17, 2024, in Munich. The company is excited to showcase its individual take-back and recycling solutions along the chain and make another statement for innovation and sustainability in the field of plastic recycling.

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