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25. January 2023

RIGK launches customer portal in the RIGK- and RIGK-G- as well as PICKUP-SYSTEM

With the established RIGK-SYSTEM since 1993, RIGK enables the legally compliant take back of packaging containing non-hazardous substances. The portfolio has been expanded with the RIGK-G-SYSTEM for the take-back of hazardous packaging and the PICKUP-SYSTEM for individual packaging pickup. RIGK customers license their selling, transport and secondary packaging placed on the German market at RIGK. The final commercial/industrial consumers return the empty used packaging free of charge throughout Germany.


The RIGK, RIGK-G-, and PICKUP-SYSTEM enable producers/distributors to comply with their recovery and recycling obligations. In the future, this will be even more straightforward!

Digital notification of quantity via the new customer portal 

As part of the take-back system participation agreement between customers and RIGK, quantity reporting by the contract partner is mandatory. It is the basis for RIGK's invoicing of its customers/licensees. The notifications of quantity have been handled through forms (by fax, post, email) since RIGK's foundation and the systems' implementation. As of now, advance notices for the current year and final notices for the previous year can be made with significantly less bureaucracy. To this end, RIGK provides its contract partners with the new customer portal. This was planned, implemented, and extensively tested in cooperation with the companies Zauberware Technologies, Computerline GmbH, and Simon-Softwareentwicklung within the year 2022. 

After customers have completed their registration and RIGK has activated their account, they can safely access the customer portal. 

Additional useful functions of the customer portal 

In addition to the notifications of quantity, the contract-related data and the notices submitted through the portal in the past can also be viewed. Should a change of data be desired, a message can be sent to the RIGK through a simple contact field with the option to upload relevant documents, who will promptly update the data. 

A project shaping the future 

With its new customer portal, RIGK has made a big step towards becoming a digital company and improving customer satisfaction. Many processes will be streamlined for both RIGK and the contract partners, saving time and effort on both sides. 

Here is a quote from Maria Hentze, Digital Transformation Manager:
“Having already successfully digitized entrepreneurial process steps previously, we are pleased to take the next step in our digital transformation with the new customer portal for our contract partners. This expands our service for customers as notifications of quantity can now be submitted digitally without significant bureaucracy. Additionally, the customer portal serves as an archive for the contract partner where data from previous years can be stored and accessed at any time. On RIGK's side, data processing is also made more straightforward through an automatic interface. We can therefore speak of a win-win situation for all parties involved. Lastly, we would like to thank all participating service providers who have stood by us as reliable partners for the technical implementation.”

Maria Hentze, Digital Transformation Manager RIGK GmbH


More information: 
Maria Hentze
Digital Transformation Manager 
Phone: +49 611 308600-41