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21. May 2019

‘Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards 2019’ honour European pioneers in plastics recycling

The participants in the ‘Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards 2019’, which is organised every two years by EPRO, reflect the groundbreaking commitment of European companies to a sustainable closed substance cycle.

Winners EPRO Award
The winners and finalists with representatives of EPRO and PlasticsEurope. ©EPRO

A total of 47 innovative and sustainable products made of recycled plastics provided valuable inspiration for the circular recycling of plastic waste in connection with EPRO’s ‘Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards 2019’. Dedicated companies from 11 European countries entered their latest developments as ambassadors for a future-oriented closed substance cycle. Nine products made it into the final round, which was decided in London as part of IdentiPlast, Europe’s largest conference on the topic of the recycling and reprocessing of used plastics.

The Innovation Category was awarded to Alpla Werke from Austria for the resource-saving packaging ‘The Simple One’. Reduced to an extreme, this entirely recyclable bottle does not need a cap and is 60 percent lighter than a conventional HDPE bottle.

HDPE pack 100% recyclable
Produced from a single (mono) layer of HDPE the pack is itself 100% recyclable. ©EPRO

In the Sustainability Category the Norwegian company Orkla was successful with the environmentally friendly toothbrush ‘Jordan Green Clean’, which is made entirely of recycled plastic and bio-based polyamide.

toothbrush of recycled plastic
The toothbrush handle is made of post-consumer, food grade recycled plastic. The filaments are Nylon 1010 and 100% bio-based. ©EPRO

The five finalists also included the German company Multiport from Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt), which impressed the judges with MPO plastic tunnelling made of recycled materials that it produces itself. This fully recyclable product is manufactured using injection moulding and is used during the laying of signal and communication lines on rail routes, at airports, in power stations and industrial facilities. Multiport has been manufacturing raw materials from plastic waste since 1991 and develops sustainable solutions based on environmental protection and resource saving.



The ‘Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards’ are presented by EPRO every two years in order to honour European companies for their ground-breaking innovations in plastic recycling and to present the latest advances in closed substance cycle products. “We need pioneers to show us the way”, says Peter Sundt, EPRO General Secretary, talking about the inspirational effect of the awards. “I can only praise everyone for their innovation. Their future-oriented approach and entrepreneurial spirit prove that we are on the right path to a new plastics industry”, added Javier Constante, President of PlasticsEurope.

Stuart Foster, CEO of RECOUP, keeps his eyes unerringly on the necessary tasks for a better future following the awards ceremony: “We will continue to work hard to educate the industry and consumers on the advantages of plastics recycling. Only through constant demand for recycling products can we advance the efficient use of plastic resources, circular value creation and the recycling of plastics”.

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