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28. February 2023

Free takeback of empty used Big Bags from the agricultural sector

Wiesbaden, March 2023 – VerenA (Packaging Recovery for Agriculture -Verpackungsentsorgung Agrar) is a new system organised by RIGK and German agricultural industry associations for the environmentally friendly recovery and recycling of used FIBCs (Big Bags) from the agricultural sector. Within the framework of this system final consumers can hand in such packaging and related secondary and transport packaging free of charge. The main requirement  here is that the Big Bags  have been previously filled with non-hazardous products such as seeds or fertilisers and that all the packaging materials are licensed in VerenA and bear the trademark.

Following the launch of the system in spring 2023, plans call for up to 400 collection points nationwide to offer  collection dates that are published on the VerenA website To ensure that the collection campaigns run smoothly, the Big Bags must be clearly marked with the VerenA trademark, empty of residues, free of trickles and clean on the outside. The bags can be dropped off either rolled up and bound together or else packed in a single Big Bag.

Along with RIGK as the system operator, the DER AGRARHANDEL - Bundesverband Agrarhandel and Verein der Getreidehändler der Hamburger Börse e.V. (German Agricultural Trade Association and the Grain Traders’ Association of the Hamburg Stock Exchange), the Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e. V. (German Plant Breeders' Association – BDP), the Bundesverband der VO-Firmen e.V. (German Association of Seed Propagation Organisations – BVO) and the Deutsche Raiffeisenverband e.V. (German Federation of Rural Cooperatives – DRV) also participate in VerenA. Together with RIGK, the associations form the “Interessengemeinschaft (IG) VerenA” (VerenA Interest Group).

Completes to resource efficiency and environmental protection

By participating, packers/fillers and distributors fulfil their recovery and recycling obligations as defined in article 15 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). The VerenA trademark confirms that their Big Bags can be   dropped off at the official collection points. RIGK then ensures that the collected Big Bags are recycled by undergoing various processing stages  in order to create high quality recyclate and manufacture  new products thus completing the raw material cycle. Thus, with the new VerenA-SYSTEM, RIGK is making a further contribution to safe and legally compliant recycling of used packaging.

“By joining the VerenA-SYSTEM, packers/fillers and distributors of agricultural products in Big Bags show that they are legally compliant and responsible and contribute to resource efficiency and environmental protection”, says Jens Dambeck, System Manager of the VerenA-SYSTEM.

More collection points wanted

“With the collection of emptied Big Bags, we are meeting a need frequently expressed to us by our customers from agriculture and the agricultural industry”, Mr. Dambeck explains. “In doing so, we collect the materials where the sector is located – in the agricultural regions and with the help of partners in the agricultural field. In order to achieve the high system efficiency that we seek, we are looking  for further  agricultural trade businesses throughout Germany to act as collection points for the system. As VerenA partners, these businesses  will offer short and easy ways for the final consumers to return their  empty used packaging. At the same time, they will contribute to even more sustainability in agriculture in line with the principle of the circular economy.” We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail at verena-recycling(at) or on the phone: +49 800 3086005.

Supplements proven disposal systems for agriculture

VerenA is the latest addition to RIGK’s range of recovery systems for agriculture, which are grouped under the RIGK Agrar label. This also includes ERDE Recycling for the return of used plastics, the PAMIRA-SYSTEM for the takeback of plant protection product and liquid fertiliser packaging, PAMIRA-BEIZE for the return of seed dressing packaging and the PRE SYSTEM for the safe return of pesticides and other chemicals that have become unusable.


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