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25. November 2019

PAMIRA® achieves a good result despite extreme weather conditions and a downward trend in the overall market

PAMIRA® (Packmittel Rücknahme Agrar = “agricultural packaging recovery”) is a recovery and disposal system for agricultural and liquid fertilizer packaging - which are already clean (empty of usable product) -, used in the commercial agricultural sector. The system was founded in 1996 by the IVA (Agricultural Industry Association) together with the plant protection wholesaler under the sponsorship of the CWFG (Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH). Although the record result from 2017 was not surpassed in 2018, PAMIRA® nonetheless achieved a figure of 2,836.73 tons for the twenty-second year since its formation, despite facing some particularly severe weather conditions and a negative trend in the overall market. The recorded quantity represents a recovery rate of 76.9 %.

PAMIRA Rate of return 2018
Rate of return and recycling during the last 5 years © PAMIRA

The stable results of recent years clearly demonstrate that PAMIRA® is now established and recognized as a key piece of the puzzle in achieving “good agricultural practice”. Over the decades, a thriving and trusted partnership has been developed between farmers, traders and manufactures of agrochemicals participating in the system – and continues to grow to this day.

Last year, PAMIRA® offered 365 official collection points and 388 collection dates. Around 170 pre-collections made by farmers and traders were reported using the form from RIGK GmbH, Wiesbaden (which operates the PAMIRA®-SYSTEM), and integrated into the official PAMIRA® collection schedule without any issues. Trained inspectors strictly ensured that the PAMIRA® acceptance criteria were met in full. The packaging delivered will always be rejected if it is still dirty or does not bear the PAMIRA® license mark. Farmers who dispose of packaging with PAMIRA® are issued with a confirmation of the proper disposal of their packaging. This is a real benefit as it counts as an official record pursuant to the Commercial Waste Ordinance.

In 2018, the proportion of packaging waste collected sent for mechanical recycling was once again impressive, at over 90 percent. To provide farmers with a visible reminder of this successful circular economy, recycling pillars have been set up at collection points since 2018 and have been very well-received.

PAMIRA® is taking another step towards practicing the circular economy with the use of collection bags that are manufactured from 85% recycled agricultural films. These are sourced from the recovery system ‘ERDE’, which is also run by RIGK. In the future, PAMIRA® will also be devoting more time and energy to chemical recycling methods.

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