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12. January 2016

Prices for RIGK customers will remain stable in 2016

RIGK will once again keep its prices stable in 2016. This means that fillers and distributors who license used and emptied plastics packaging via the RIGK- and the RIGK-G-SYSTEM (G stands for Gefahrstoff = hazardous material) will continue to have a reliable basis for calculation. So, too, will the crop protection industry, which passes on the empty sales packaging from crop protection products, special fertilizers, bonding agents and spray cleaners via the PAMIRA® system as well as seed dressing packs via the PAMIRA-BEIZE system for correct, environmentally compatible recovery. 

RIGK Managing Director Markus Dambeck said: “We are proud that we have succeeded once again in cushioning negative economic developments in the EU region through continuously winning new trademark users and end-users, increasing volumes and making consistent use of cost-cutting potential in the recovery chain. This means that industry, trade and agriculture can, in the 24th year of our existence, also benefit from our company’s proven and sustainably policy.”

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